Anonymous Asked: are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?

Why do you keep asking this to everyone?! Seriously..

And I don’t even think its screening in my country. So no. 

Anonymous Asked: oh ok! you had me worried for a moment XDD

I COULD NEVER CHEAT ON HYO! She is le goddess ^^ Her and Sooyoung are both my biases, I just liked the GayForHyoyeon URL so much that I’m using it as my main blog, since before when it was the URL for this page, it was a side blog.

Anonymous Asked: why is your url gayforsooyoung when this is supposed to be a hyoyeon blog? are you cheating on hyo????

Haha~ I swapped the URL’s around! This blog used to be GayForHyoyeon but I liked the URL so much that I’m using GayForHyoyeon as my main blog. I’m not really posting here so much, so go follow my actual Hyoyeon blog~


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